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Telecom Assessment

With technology always in state of flux, it is natural to wonder whether or not your current telecommunications system will continue to uphold the growing needs of your business and your customers. There are many technology solutions available, but what will serve your company’s needs best? Will it be able to withstand factors like outgrown capacities, business mergers or changes in the market?

BW Communications offers a simple solution to these questions through our complimentary telecommunications assessment. This complimentary assessment will provide a comprehensive analysis of your current telecommunications systems against your current and future business drivers. The purpose of this assessment is to make recommendations of solutions that will increase your company productivity and ROI.

Our assessment includes the following:

  • PBX Inventory & Capacity Evaluation

    Detailed analysis and inventory of all your PBX platforms
    Gather documentation and validate inventory via physical inspection of each platform
    Analyze system capacity at various levels
    Capacities evaluated by transport methodology like TDM, VoIP and wireless
    Identify physical and electrical requirements that must be incorporated into system requirements

  • Network & Cabling Evaluation

    Evaluates the overall condition of your existing cabling infrastructure
    Review all drawings, cabling inventory documents & telecom documentation
    Physical inspection of telecommunications areas and service entrances (as appropriate)
    Examine data networking infrastructure to verify its ability to VoIP and converged communications
    Examine if network infrastructure adheres to BICSI standards

  • Network Services Billing Evaluation

    Audit existing billing and network services information and associated network providers
    Determine existing trunking quantities, private line counts and off-premise extensions that need to be retained or augmented
    Gather traffic reports where relevant and document hard drive and related voice storage capacities
    Collect traffic or busy study reports from local telecom carriers (where relevant)
    Consolidate bills to reduce costs

By Changing Network Carrier Services you get 2 huge Benefits:

Immediately Save Money - add savings to your bottom line!

​You get More Reliable Service and Increased Bandwidth at a Reduced Cost!

Proven system: BW Communications has a proven system designed to work for your business. This is not a canned process. We arrange interviews with stakeholders and team members within your organization to gather the necessary information to understand your company’s needs and future direction.

Gap analysis: It’s not enough to just gather the data without analyzing it and recommending customized solutions. After we have met with your team and gathered the necessary information, we will then perform a gap analysis to map the strategic goals of your organization.

Design alternatives: Once we have gathered all of the data, we process the results and present possible design alternatives for your telecommunications system to help you more effectively meet your business objectives. We will present you with multiple design alternatives, carefully highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each. We’ll schedule a session with you to analyze all of your options, select the best design and map out an implementation schedule.

Benefits: The benefits of this assessment is increased productivity and a streamlined plan to implement a telecommunications system to meet all of your organization’s needs. All of this offered to you at no cost, and therefore, no risk to you.

Ready to build a World Class Communications Infrastructure for your Business?